Thursday, March 05, 2009

Freedom to die

For pro-deathers (yes, I made that up on the lines of pro-lifer) like myself, the past week brought some dampening news:
  • Italy is seeing a fierce backlash from social conservatives about doctors allowing a comatose woman to die (it was reportedly her wish not to be kept alive artificially).
  • Closer to home, a woman in the town of Lodi was charged with assisting her brother kill himself.
And these are supposed to be free societies...

But then all the news was not bad:
  • In the state of Washington, assisted-suicide became legal starting today, under a law aptly called 'Death of Dignity Act'.
  • Last night, an elderly British couple "passed away peacefully", and legally, at an euthanasia clinic in Switzerland.
Fantasy: A truly free society, where commercially-run death bars exist. When you are done with life, you walk into one, do your paperwork and let the professionals take care of you. They will put you to sleep, notify everyone on your list (much like a wedding list), and dispose off the remains per your wishes. (Of course, you will need a valid ID so they can be sure you are killing yourself, not someone else...haw haw haw)

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