Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mexicans / Palestinians

Yesterday, Los Angeles County voted in favor of cutting business ties with Arizona-based firms and banning publicly funded travel to the state, to register its opposition to the new Arizona law which gives police in the state the authority to detain anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. The law is targeted at illegal immigrants from Mexico.

While personal emotions against the law are understandable, what duty or authority does a county government have to take any kind of stance against a (yet) non-constitution-violating law in another state? Of course, this is a rhetorical question - Los Angeles is thickly populated with people whose love and loyalty lies across the border in Mexico; this is purely a political statement.

One shouldn't be surprised. This is America, where the nation's flagship foreign policy is defined by the influence of a few whose love and loyalties lie seven seas away. Think Zionist Americans. Think Israel.


Also of note is the California Governor's position with respect to the law. Thanks to his large support base of people who oppose the law, Schwarzenneger does likewise, and joked the other day (a good joke, to his credit) that if he were pulled over in Arizona he would likely be deported for his accent.

Yet, the Governor also ardently supports the nation of Israel, which has imposed a three year-long blockade against its own neighbors/semi-citizens after a democratic experiment gone wrong (well, it didn't really go wrong, but certainly did not have a "favorable" outcome). Said he, at an event marking Israel's 60th birthday:
Israel has become a staunch ally and a friend of the United States and, I'm very proud to say, a great friend also of our great state of California.
Friend indeed. Such cynical love.


In justification of its killing of people on the supply flotilla, Israel insisted that its soldiers acted in self-defence, after the people on the ship manhandled the Israeli soldiers who boarded the ship via a helicopter. Which is true, the altercation started when Israeli soldiers rappelled down on board the supply ships via helicopter (video here).

If you are on international waters in your own boat, and some unwelcome guests forced themselves on board, what would you do?

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