Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A good old bhais club

The Galleon case has been fascinating to track over the past year or so, not least because of the ethnicities involved. It is now being played out in the courtroom. Galleon Management, a multi billion hedge fund headed by Raj Rajaratnam, was accused by the Securities & Exchange Commission of widespread and repeated inside trading. Here is a cheat sheet:


Raj Rajaratnam: Chief target of allegation that he collected insider information to make profits off it

Anil Kumar: Senior Partner, McKinsey; admitted to passing on confidential information to Rajaratnam

Rajiv Goel: Intel executive; admitted to passing on information from inside Intel to Rajaratnam

Rajat Gupta: Ex-Director, Goldman Sachs; accused of passing on information about a pending Berkshire Hathaway purchase of GS stock and other tidbits

Rajaratnam has been standing trial since the past few weeks and much muck is flying. Take this excerpt from a wiretapped conversation between Rajaratnam and Gupta:


More meaningful conversations are available for your listening pleasure here. (Warning: Rajaratnam accuses the U.S. of illegally collecting these wiretaps, so listen at the risk of making yourself an accessory.)

It has been said that Gupta, Kumar and Rajaratnam met at Wharton; Gupta and Kumar both went to IIT Delhi.

Those are some big shoes for Asok to fill.

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