Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paul is wrong, and under-represented

This blogger supports Ron Paul for the Republican nomination, but that doesn't mean he is gorgeous at all times. His strong anti-abortion message in his Ames speech was disturbing to say the least. See below, till the 4:40 mark.

His message was that life comes from "our creator", is precious, and neither humans nor governments can "play god" and make the decision to terminate life (i.e., via abortion). This line of argument always leaves me befuddled. If parents "play god" when they decide to terminate a pregnancy, do they also play god then they conceive? Or is conception a divine act? Contraception is what separates man from animals, yet why such a hands-off attitude towards conception?

Mr. Paul, any discussion about the morality of abortion is incomplete without sorting out the morality of conception. Why draw an arbitrary line between god's work and Man's work right at the moment after fertilization?

* * *

As a Paul -supporter, it is a bit stunning to see how little coverage he gets in the mainstream media.  If one's only source of news is major newspapers and network channels, you can miss him completely.  Paul is actually doing well on at least two metrics - he has raised more funds than any other candidate other then Mitt Romney and he came in second after Michelle Bachmann in the Ames straw poll.  Yet, switch on the TV and the focus is on Bachmann, Romney, and Pawlenty (and even Gingrich!).  The institutionalized media is used to the clout its powers of making self-fulfilling prophesies bring, but thanks to diverse sources on the internet, that clout is slowly eroding.

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