Saturday, September 24, 2011

On dogmas

Another insightful proclamation by Danae. In the American political jungle, I would suggest that flexible dogmas are more a characteristic of the right than the left.

While not agreeing with any liberal positions, I must concede that those positions - such as social justice and a propensity for a large central government - are relative constant and internally consistent.

But, not so with the other camp. For instance, some bedrock dogmas of conservatives such as free trade, personal liberty and pro-life are countered by other dogmas held by the same camp. For example, an onerous border policy is at odds with free trade, a propensity for laws against marijuana and gay unions undermine personal liberties, and the pro-life position is corroded by the pro-war one.

Of course, liberals have one gaping hole in their otherwise stellar reputation.  One dogma that liberals held during the Bush years was an aversion to war; personally, I got completely fooled into thinking this was a permanent liberal position.  Of course, as we all know now, that aversion has quickly diffused once their own warmonger came to power.  Far from the Bush wars being wound down, the American militaristic orgy has been expanded in scope since 2009, when a liberal president was elected.

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