Saturday, April 19, 2008

Barrack bought a bit of butter

After a recent post on Barrackophrenia, a couple of you sharp-eyed smart-asses were quick to inquire if I had shifted my support from Ron Paul to Barrack Obama. The answer is no; I still support Ron Paul for the Republican nomination (a highly chimerical stand, I agree) and Barrack Obama for the Democratic one.

That said, while my support for Paul is based on a robust concurrence of moral and political ideals, I support Obama simply because he represents the lesser evil. Except for my belief that he is the best person to intervene globally on America's behalf on two critical issues - the West's relationship with Islam and the global environment - there is little in his manifesto that I agree with.

Indeed, supporting Obama is like marrying a porn artist who is very cheerful, patient, and accomodating in real life. As long as you come to terms with his/her work ethic, your married life will rock. Listen to what the man had to say in defence of his "bitter" quote:
Americans don’t vote on economic issues because they don’t believe Washington can deliver. So people end up voting on issues like guns, gay marriage (etc)...
Really, in a bottom-up economic structure like America, what is the federal government supposed to deliver? Generate five-year plans? Send bread and soup to people? Bail out people with bad credit histories who make stupid investments? This is not the first time that Obama sounds like he is talking about the Union of friggin' Soviet Socialist Republics.

Makes me want to recast Barrack as Betty in the tongue-twister about trying to make bitter butter better with more butter...

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