Friday, April 17, 2009

The case against marriage

Like I have argued before, I am against the state recognizing gay marriages. Not because homosexuals should not marry, but because the state has no business recognizing any marriages.

Marriages are social contracts between individuals that have historically been blessed by religious institutions. While religious institutions are private entities and have the freedom to decide which marriages they would and would not rubber-stamp, that does not stop individuals from entering into private contracts on their own and the state has no right to bar them or hold these contracts any lesser than others.

The state "granting" marriage rights to gays is not fairness; it is a second wrong to cover up the first one. What would be fair is for the state to de-recognize all "marriages" and recognize them as civil unions.

To further the fairness, the state has to stop providing incentives for people getting into civil unions (i.e., tax benefits) like it presently does. Like any other subsidy under the sun, it is illegal and unjust.

Anyhow, here is a cartoon (click for bigger image) by Jeff Danziger, who seems to agree that gay marriage is as rotten an idea as a heterosexual one:


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