Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nobel Peace for the warmonger

A few weeks ago, Barrack Obama took the stage with heads of two other nuclear weapon-owning states to jointly put the screws on Iran for aspiring to have something they already do. One of Obama's hawks squawked: "Nothing is off the table...".

This is how peace-loving nations operate. Like three bullies on a playground pinning down a skinny upstart who wants to use their favorite swing...with their elbows pinned on the upstart's chest, they flaunt their honorable intentions: "We would like to peacefully persuade you to leave this area, but no option is off the table."

In February, Obama ramped up the number of soldiers in Afghanistan fighting a senseless, aimless, war in Afghanistan by 21,000. This year saw the worst civilian deaths in this war so far, most of it under the Beloved Leader's watch. As we speak, he is considering sending more soldiers there.

The Nobel Peace prize is inappropriate first, premature later.

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