Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eloquence on a truck

Spotted on June 26, 2010


While on the subject, this year's gubernatorial race in California promises to have plenty of talk about welfare. The Republican nominee, Meg Whitman, has been positioning herself as a welfare reformer, bemoaning the increasingly welfare-state-like status of California (hear this ad).

This attack is part of her larger push to reduce governmental spending by cutting entitlements; an approach that has earned her the enmity of many unions - the California Nurses Association has dubbed her Queen Meg (with reference to her personal wealth and demonstrated capability of buying elections).


During the primary race for his presidential nomination in 1976, former US president Ronald Reagan popularized the term welfare queen by making oft references to a woman in Chicago who milked the government's support program to live a lavish lifestyle.

What is it with welfare and queens?

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