Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Even one is one too many

From the environmental perspective, God is the enemy of earth.

While the general narrative in most religions runs to the effect that "God created this world", that may not be the case. Think about this: over the past thousands of years, and especially in the last couple hundred years, human beings have prospered at the cost of other species of flora and fauna. Human development has been intimately proportional to the detriment of other earth-dwellers; for all our so-called "environmental awareness", this continues to be the case.

Every new house that is built takes the earth underneath away from its former inhabitants. Ever new square foot of cropland takes away from forests. Nearly every act of significance you do in the modern world leaves some kind of effluent on earth.

It is then plausible that God is really the antithesis of earth. God is in a perpetual fight with earth; human beings are His/Her soldiers.

The two most important institutions of God's war/propaganda machine are religion and economics. The dominant doctrines in both these areas are based on a heavy reliance on procreation or growth. Think of the anti-abortion movement as an example of the former, and the the idea of "demographic dividend" as one of the latter.

Read this letter by one of my favorite libertarian writer/economist, where he berates a newspaper for suggesting that bigger populations bring misery. The pro-population thinking is almost the bedrock of libertarian thought. Etlamatey consider himself libertarian-leaning in most affairs, but here he peels away.

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