Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some high standards in journalism...

...pertain to the level of readers' tolerance/apathy.

This blogger was just reminded why he never goes to the Times of India website, instead filtering their content through Google News. Here are three headlines, which were found in close proximity to each other:

1. "Jaipal Reddy's niece's husband arrested" (Say what??)

2. "Aung Suu Kyi ready to shun non-violence" (No other journalist in the world seems to have made that interpretation from her speech)

3. "I am ugly, so no chicks: Rahul" (With reference to Rahul Bose; I can't decide if the copy editor is innocent, cynical, or trying to be funny)

I am ordinarily too indolent a person to be WTF'ed easily, but here I am.

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