Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Think of a Mobius strip when listening to Kelly Rowland's Motivation. The Mobian tone flips that Ms. Rowland produces stand out; it probably does not take an exceptional effort from a trained singer to perform it, but it is pleasantly startling because of its uncommonness, like seeing somebody do acrobatics in a doctor's waiting room.

Another exceptional thing is the unabashed, unrestrained carnality of the song-content. Makes a grown blogger blush; one has to block it off the mind to get the Mobius-strip experience.

Lil Wayne is featured on the song; while his performance is nothing to write home about, one line attributed to him is particularly amusing:
"...she hold me like a conversation."
See it? Personification is a rather common tool in the literary arts, but such anti-personification is rare. Its the difference between saying "I had a sweaty jog today" and "I jogged like sweat today". But Lil Wayne makes it works here.

* * * *

Talking of personification, whenever the stock market falls sharply, I keep my eyes peeled for a certain headline that is expected to follow. Inevitably, some copy-editor somewhere thinks it fit to use the phrase "the stock market swooned...". Literarily speaking, even delicate ladies don't swoon any more; its awfully cute of stock markets to keep the tradition alive.

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