Monday, April 21, 2008

Folks who live in glass houses...

Yesterday, US Secratary of State Condoleeza Rice mocked Muqtada al-Sadr for threatening disturbance in Iraq while he lives safely in Iran.
"I know he's sitting in Iran," Rice said dismissively, when asked about al-Sadr's latest threat to lift a self-imposed cease-fire with government and U.S. forces. "I guess it's all-out war for anybody but him," Rice said. "I guess that's the message; his followers can go too their deaths and he's in Iran."
LOL! Am I the only one laughing here - an American Secretary of State accusing someone else of waging a remote-control war?

Surely Ms Rice, given America's legion of cronies who sharpened their knives in exile (Benazir Bhutto, Ayad Allawi, Hamid Karzai), you understand the import (pun intended) of exiles, don't you?

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